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Calling the IT Helpdesk
If you are at a Cadence site with 4-digit dialing capability, dial extension "7911" or "88-220-7911".

Direct dial 888-543-9993
Direct dial 408-944-7911
Helpdesk Website
System Status
This site has been tested and optimized for the following browsers and Operating System versions:

Browsers: Internet Explorer Version 6.0 with service pack 1 or higher.
Netscape 4.76 and 7.2 or higher.

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows NT.

Firefox 2.0, 3.x Linux Redhat EL3/IA32 32bit
Firefox 2.0, 3.x Win 2000 Prof, Vista 32bit, XP 2002, Win Server 2000/IA32 32bit
IE 6.0 Win 2000 Prof, XP 2002, Win Server 2000/2003/IA32 32bit
IE 7.0 Win Vista 32bit, XP 2002 32bit
Cadence uses a single Login ID for all applications. You will use the same Login ID and password for each application you are registered with.

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